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Welcome to The New BCN!

BCN has been a mail-out publication since 1988. Over those years we have produced hundreds of issues and covered hobby topics from memorabilia related to one fighter or one fight to stories that have painfully uncovered fraud and deceit in the hobby. It has been a long road and along one which we have never wavered at providing collectors with the most accurate information and interesting stories that we can. It has been a labor of love and we have enjoyed every step. But print media is giving way to digital and the need for collectors to have more current information has increased tenfold, so we have decided that for no cost whatsoever we will move into this new era confidently and take our place among websites that do not flinch from the truth and have a lot of fun along the way. Back in ’88 we challenged our selves in our first issue when we asked that readers tell us when we were taking ourselves too seriously because a hobby is supposed to be FUN more than anything else. We ask once again to be judged according to that criteria.

About BCN

officeBCN has been serving the hobby of boxing collecting since 1988. Now we are relaunching in an entirely new format. We will upload a color issue of BCN 4 times a year for subscribers but we have a blog that allows us to keep current with subscribers on at least a weekly basis. The blog is the “Fifteenth Round,” the section of BCN on which we have gotten the most positive comments. Here’s the kicker, BCN is now free. You get 100% access to this site and the new uploaded issues at no cost. And we will never share your information with anyone else. So how do we keep going? We now depend on the larger subscriber base to incentivize our advertisers who purchase ads on the website and in the quarterly issues. And for those who have subscribed and paid, we will either reimburse you or get back issues to make up for your loss. Hey, we’re still the principled publication you have enjoyed for over 27 years. Contact for more about reimbursement.


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