A Few Words About BCN

BCN has been serving the hobby of boxing collecting since 1988. Now we are re-launching in an entirely new format. We will upload a color issue of BCN 4 times a year for subscribers but we have a blog that allows us to keep current with subscribers much more frequently. The blog is the “Fifteenth Round,” the section of BCN on which we have gotten the most positive comments. Here’s the kicker, BCN is now free. You have 100% access to this site and the new uploaded issues at no cost. And we will never share your information with anyone else. So how do we keep going? We will depend on the larger subscriber base to incentivize our advertisers who will purchase ads on the website and in the quarterly issues.  And for those who have subscribed and paid, we are offering a plan to either get reimbursed or get back issues to make up for your loss. Hey, we’re still the principled publication you have enjoyed for over 27 years.

If you are a current subscriber, you will still need to re-register and select a password but you need only do this once and never again.


Why We Do It

We do it for the collectors, not the revenue.

BCN has never been about making money but it has been about making a difference for collectors. Had it been about money we would be utter failures but since we have been around since 1988, I think you’d have to give us that we provide a service that collectors want, otherwise we’d never have made it to 1989, let alone until now. There’s just too many hucksters peddling too much BS for us not to try to provide clarity where we can.

What We Offer

2page-img4Inside every issue of BCN you will find articles, ads, and boxer addresses. And now, if you subscribe through this website, you will get access to private content including a database of memorabilia images that contains hundreds of items that have sold or featured in BCN. If we have it digitally, you will, too. And it is, remember, free.
But we like to think we are valuable to more than the dedicated boxing collector. How about collectors of other items who periodically run across a boxing item? Antique hawks and dealers contact us all the time about opinions on these sorts of items. The International Boxing Hall of Fame refers queries they get to us. We also do appraisal letters for folks who donate to the IBHOF.

If you are a subscriber, you get to tap not just our back issues and image database (Gallery) but editor Don Scott’s expertise. He has been collecting for over 30 years and has published articles on boxing memorabilia in The Ring and Sports Collectors Digest and has consulted for, or provided memorabilia for, a number of Hollywood films. Every year at the IBHOF induction weekend, noon on that Friday, Don gives a talk on memorabilia. He has been doing that for over 20 years.

Here’s a note, however, you shouldn’t miss. The MAIN two reasons we ask that you register before you see most of the content, including the blog, is that should anyone decide to be the BCN troll and post trash on the blog comment section, they will be booted off. We have zero tolerance for trolls. Their comments go and so do they. The second reason is from time to time we may want to email you. Maybe it is an upcoming auction with a paid or unpaid ad. Maybe it is a collector alert. But these are NOT going to fill up your inbox.

Example Back Issues

Here are two issues but they will be in the format that I sent them to the printer so the pages will be in spread format and may take a while to download. We’ll correct this for you all at a later date. I trust you can figure this out!