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uptoscratch._SX336_BO1,204,203,200_If you look back many years from now you will see this period as the best ever for those who want to know the history of the sport. Like we have collected the hardcover books of, say, Nat Fleischer through the years, boxing collectors will be trying to fill in the series of Adam Pollack’s great books on heavyweight champions Sullivan through Johnson (see

http://www.pugilistica.com/bobyadjpo.html) or Clay Moyle’s great tome on Sam Langford.

And longtime subscriber and renowned expert on early boxing, Tony Gee, reports that his excellent book, “Up to Scratch,” is now available on Amazon. Tony’s research before writing this book was exhaustive and the book brings to life many great bareknuckle champions. Some, like Jem Mace, you may have heard of and others such as Tom Johnson, not so much. If you don’t have this book in its “physical” form, you can get it in Kindle format now as well.

Adam Warshaw reports that his latest (9th) edition of “America’s Great Boxing Cards”, an encyclopedia and checklist of boxing cards, was released on July 4th. The latest edition picks up where the other editions stopped. It contains all of the set descriptions and checklists that made the prior editions so useful, plus new research. He has added many sets of vintage boxing cards, expanded the sections on postcards, premiums and ephemera and expanded coverage to modern cards as well.. It is available from the publisher.


langford bookNo site has more boxing books for sale than Clay Moyle at http://prizefightingbooks.com. Whether you like the new or old.


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