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There are lots of places to buy boxing memorabilia but the quality material is restricted to the dealers who really pursue it. We are lucky to have such dealers as advertisers and long time subscribers to BCN.

Advertising in BCN is not expensive, as you will see, but then not just everyone can advertise in BCN whether they have the money to do so or not. We demand that everything advertised in BCN be stood behind by the dealer and that if they do not do so, BCN reserves the right to refuse to allow them to advertise. We have done this in the past and are a better publication for it.

BCN does not guarantee the legitimacy of all the items advertised therein but we will certainly try to get resolution between our subscribers and our advertisers. With the folks you will see in every issue and who appear on this website, that has rarely if ever been necessary and most of these guys have been with us a long time.

If you are selling something, advertise with us or sell to one of the dealers herein. Or, of course, auction the material off through one of the auction houses on this site.


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We can put your ad on our site for a fee. If you have interest, let us know and we can talk price. We won’t break your bank.

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